Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bioshock Infinite First Impressions.

Well I played Bioshock Infinite for 6 hours last night and not a single achievement. They must actually be hard to get this time. No 'Walk out of the starting area' for Levine which is good. I started the game on medium just because I have to admit I'm super curious about the story and where it will go. My next play through I will try 1999 mode I think.

The characters are great so far but I find it a little obvious that all is not what it seems in Columbia unlike Rapture where you were pretty much kept in the dark the entire game. Elizabeth is wonderful and I find her probably the least annoying escort NPC in the history of time. She hands you ammo, med kits and even revives you at a cost to your cash. She also picks locks and solves codes. Her voice acting is wonderful and you really get the sense of her character. I get a wizard of Oz vibe from Elizabeth's time rips as they appear in grainy black and white against the technicolour background. Indeed even her clothes remind me of Dorothy Gale.

The graphics are great. I'm playing on ultra on my PC and they look perfect. It's nice to play a game with some actual colour for once.

The combat was a little overwhelming at first especially coming from a game like dishonored but it got better once I got the hang of using my plasm...I mean vigors. They are really good fun. My favourite so far I think is the bucking bronco which gives you an amazing advantage over other vigor users that come to attack you. 

The most affecting thing about the game so far for me is the racist themes in it. It really makes you wonder how anyone could have thought it was right to treat people that way and really encourages me to shoot the bastards. 

Well I'm off to play again woohoo (sorry Ni No I'll play you soon I promise :)

PS You can play 1999 mode from the very start by inputting the Konami Code. x

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